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Nowadays marketing is never easy with potential buyers being bombarded from every angle.  For a small or medium business it is an uphill battle to find the right direction to go in.  Sadly for many people, time or budgets don’t allow for the mass marketing of the corporate giants that grace our TV’s or large road side boards across the land, however there are cost effect ways in which to achieve good results without the corporate budgets.

This all starts with branding, creating a look and style which will be recognised time and again.  We can all think of market leaders such as M&S, Coca cola and Tesco’s.  M&S underwent a brand change several years ago which propelled them back among the high street market leaders, so you can see the kind of effect that can be achieved. But for smaller businesses this is only the beginning of a journey.

Putting together a marketing plan is the next challenge to undertake, each business is different and serves different types of people, so marketing in the right way will be key, for example if you are a dog food supplier you would not advertise in a cat lovers magazine, (you get the idea).  Target marketing is the key to success by placing your marketing in front of potential buyers

Here is a short list of marketing ideas

  • Leaflet drops
  • Local magazine advertising
  • Poster or bill board advertising
  • Direct mailing
  • Email campaigns for warm list
  • Face book / twitter advertising

For more information on any of the above marketing idea and help with putting a plan together call us and arrange free consultation on how we can help you with and of the above call us now on 01394 283371


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